Sanskriti Info Services - Serving at Your Door-Steps
Sanskriti Info Services is a Sister Concern of Sanskriti Computers, which deals in Maintenance And Services of Computers, its related peripherals and Security Solutions.

An important asset... Your computer System

Your computer hardware is the first and potentially most important environment for all your data and software. You need a stable and reliable environment to work in, so does your company's data and software. Where software usually consists of one or two pieces created by one vendor, hardware is almost the opposite. Your computer is made up of several pieces usually from different manufacturers that have to work seamlessly together for you and your office to be productive. Do you find yourself working around little bugs that slow your work down or sometimes stops you completely? Software could be the problem but we have found in most instances a malfunctioning, inadequate or incompatible piece of hardware is to blame. It can be a constant battle to keep your software and hardware on cooperative terms. Our extensive knowledge of hardware and software conflicts and compatabilities can alleviate many of your problems and concerns. Our knowledge of the hardware industry has proven invaluable to our valuable clients. Without a good working knowledge on network and computer hardware many clients would be dogged by mysterious computer and network problems that seem to come and go. Often times ignorance of hardware incompatibilities was problems.

Solutions for every IT problem...

We strive to be a full solutions provider to all of our clients. From consulting to acquisition to configuration to integration in aspect that we can or just the right that they need.
Sanskriti Info Services is a computer, networks & security services company based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh INDIA. We provide on-site support for any Hardware support, maintenance, network maintenance, network installation, network cabling or workstation needs And Security Solutions. We design and install Windows / Linux LANs (local area networks) and WANs (wide area networks). We also build and procure the hardware and install software that resides on them. We custom design solutions to fit your needs. We also provide Internet solutions that can be suited to best of your needs.

Our Annual Maintenance Contract System ( AMC ) Caters all your needs related to your computer Systems and Security Solutions at Your Office or At Home.
We Provide Two Types of AMC's

* Comprehensive AMC ( With Parts Coverage with TnC )
* Non Comprehensive AMC ( Without Parts Coverage )

Salient Fetures
♦ We Provide Vaccum Cleaning Twice in A year.
♦ A full System Check is done and a report is prepred to know the present status of systems.
♦ A call is dealt same day if informed in the first half, otherwise taken care off within 24 hrs.

For More Details and proposal call our executive at +91- 9415012178 or +91- 9335291875.